bobby sands mural in Belfast

Sadly the extreme actions of a few small groups in Belfast has plunged the city back into the negative glare of the international media. Around the world, commentators have been queuing up to wring their hands about the state of the situation, resulting in what is a minority expression of discontent getting a disproportionate voice through the use of violence and hatred.

It seems a shame that for many people across the world, violence is sometimes seen as the only way to be heard. It is through violence that people feel they can influence things. It is through violence that people try to make those in power sit up and take listen. And yet there is another overlooked aspect of Belfast that speaks of another means of expression: a creative, vibrant, daring rebellion against the status quo that screams out to be heard and yet, often, refuses to countenance the idea of violence. Welcome to the city of murals.

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