Jim Eastward - Jedi Jim

Last night’s nail-biting final of BBC One’s “The Apprentice” saw Jim Eastwood – dubbed Jedi Jim by many because of his salesmanship abilities and capacity for talking himself out of tricky situations – fired. The 32-year-old from County Tyrone has charmed his way through the series, leaving many of the other contestants awestruck in his path.

However, he fell down on the finale, which involved developing a credible business plan: Lord Sugar obviously felt that Eastwood’s plan of supplying entrepreneurial e-learning to schools lacked the touch that he was looking for.

Jim Eastwood was easily the best salesperson that the programme has ever seen, giving many memorable moments throughout the series, including a scheme to try to sell umbrellas as a tool with which to ‘point’ to tourist landmarks in Ireland.

He also set an Apprentice first by managing to talk himself out of being bought back into the boardroom by project manager Leon after losing a task – this being the act that coined him the name Jedi Jim by fellow Irishman Dara O’Briain.

It wasn’t all plain-sailing for Jedi Jim however – his charm and salesmanship failed at times to impress many of Lord Sugar’s closet aids, leading to a variety of dessert based insults: apparently, nailing something on Jim is alternatively like ‘nailing jelly to a wall’ or ‘nailing custard to the ceiling’ – though I can’t help feeling the second half would be more difficult than the first half.

Either way, Jim Eastwood raised the profile of business in Northern Ireland and went out from the process in glory with his head held high.