Riots in Ireland
Could the England Riots Spread to Ireland?

We well may be used to riots in Ireland and Northern Ireland now. They are often for political reasons but could we now have the sought of riots that we recently saw across the shore in England? Certainly the Irish economy looks to be in a worse shape so could we find ourselves in a similar situation here?

Following the killing last week by armed police of Mark Duggan the riots began. At the start peaceful they soon escalated into something a lot more with people taking part with it seems no care for right or wrong or even life or death. Their own or others.  Mr Duggan, a black man, grew up on the Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham, the same place where, in 1985, PC Colin Blakelock, the first policeman to be killed in a riot in Britain since 1833, was shot dead after incidents including the death of an Afro-Caribbean woman, Cynthia Jarrett, from a stroke, during a police search of her dwelling.

The English Prime minister has spoken of a moral collapse and tackling gangs and there has been further uproar with historian David Starky accused of racism by saying on the BBC that “whites have become black”. The common thread, if one can be found, in the reactions seems to be that there has developed an underclass of the unemployed, without hope and without even the chance to hope for a better future who feel alienated and cut off from mainstream ‘functioning’ society?  Do we have the same thing in Ireland?

Well, you could say our inner cities are just as troubled and the riots in England should act as a warning to the government. A few commentators have declared as much. But are they just jumping on the bandwagon? I think Ireland, despite its problems, is in many ways a more unified society than Britain. We know who we are. To be an Irishman or woman or child is something unique and special. We have a shared cultural heritage and shared identity. In England, the life of David Cameron cannot be compared to the life of those taking to the streets to riot and loot. There is no shared ground.

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