Jim Eastwood - BBC Apprentice

When you are thinking of famous Irish people with an international media profile, who do you think of? Terry Wogan? Dara O’Brian? Bono?

Well, there is now another name to add to the list: Jim Eastwood is a contestant in this year’s BBC reality television series ‘The Apprentice’, which is broadcast in the United Kingdom. Christened ‘Jedi Jim’ by fellow Irishman Dara O’Brian because of his ability to persuade Project Manager Leon not to take him back into the boardroom, Jim has shown that he has the drive and dedication to succeed, maintaining his position in the series (albeit by the skin of his teeth sometimes) through a combination of charm, hard-nosed selling and a certain amount of manipulation of other contestants.

He is a self-confessed charmer and salesman, and this ability certainly shines through with some skillful sales and negotiations techniques in various episodes over the series. This has made him successful and he has proven to be a formidable opponent: more than one fellow contestant has been fired because, in part, they didn’t dare to stand up to Jim’s confident assertion of the lay of the land.

His charm has not always impressed Lord Sugar’s aides Karen and Nick, however. On several occasions they took him to task for manipulating opponents or being passive aggressive, and he has been the recepient of several of Nick’s withering eyebrow raises (which, incidentally, represents one of the biggest missed opportunities: why, when you are given the opportunity to develop an iPhone app, as the contestants were in the second episode, would you not develop an app full of Nick’s eyebrows. I predict they would be an overnight success).

Top quotes

“I’m not a show pony, or a one-tricky pony. I’m not a jack-ass or a stubborn mule, and I’m definitely not a wild stallion that needs to be tamed. I am the champion thoroughbred that this process requires.”

“Never say never in the biscuit world.”

Jim Eastwood: “It looks as if we’re all trying to shoot Bambi.”
Lord Sugar, in reply: “Er, It was actually Bambi’s mother that got shot.”