The Queen and Prince Philip in Ireland

Unless you have been living in a bubble, you can’t fail to notice that Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, and Prince Philip, have just finished a visit to Ireland. Much of the comment about their high profile visit has been reflecting upon the political significance of the event and, whilst it is true that the event is deeply politically symbolic, we at Irish Travel Gems are much more interested in the places she decided to go.

1) Dublin

Of course, the Queen went to Dublin, which is great: not only is it the nation’s capital city, but it is full of attractions and delight to make her visit a welcome and warm one. Not only did she plant a tree with the Irish President Mary McAleese, but she also went to the Guinness factory. This did, however, leave that awkward incident as to what to do with the pint of Guinness after it had been poured for her!

2) Kildare

Kildare is the home of Ireland’s national stud. The Queen is a well known racing fan, making regular trips to the Royal Ascot when she is back at home in the UK, and I’m sure that she appreciated being able to glance an appreciative and well trained eye over the best horses that Ireland has to offer.

3) Visit the English market in Cork

No-one who goes to Ireland can leave without an appreciation of the diversity of markets from different corners of the globe. The English Market in Cork is just one of these locations, and the Queen enjoyed a gentle wander down past its stores and took time to talk to some of the store owners.


Hopefully Her Majesty the Queen enjoyed Ireland as much as we do, and we would love her to come back again and explore more of the delights of this Emerald Island.