Originally founded by the Vikings and later captured by the Danes, Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and has much to offerto the curious traveller. Here is a suggestion of just 10 of those things.

Dublin's Guinness Factory

1) Go to Dublin’s Guinness factory

The Guinness factory is the historic homeplace of Ireland’s most famous drink. Guinness was invented by a Quaker in the 17th Century as a way of coming up with a drink that would help to solve some of Dublin’s alcoholism whilst at the same time remaining enjoyable. It definitely is true that Guinness doesn’t travel very well, and at Dublin’s Guinness factory you can enjoy the drink at its best.

Abbey Theatre Dublin

2) Go to Dublin’s Abbey Theatre

Brining you the best of both classical and modern plays both from Irish Playwrights and from further afield, the Abbey Theatre is Ireland’s National Theatre and is a great place to go to experience the best in modern Irish stage art.

Coffee cup

3) Read a famous Irish author with a cup of coffee

Let’s be honest – Ireland has produced more than its fair share of great authors. Not only did they produce Oscar Wilde and James Joyce but also Samuel Beckett, Elizabeth Bowen, Jonathan Swift and Yeats. Why not take some time to relax with a strong cup of Irish coffee (maybe with a shot of Irish whisky) and enjoy some of Ireland’s greatest cultural output. If you need to be fortified afterwards, there are also various literature pub tours you can take part in.

Ireland Rugby

4) Watch the Rugby

Ireland is a famous rugby nation and its teams regularly compete in the Six Nations against the likes of France, England, Wales, Italy and New Zealand. Why not time your trip to Dublin to match the Rugby season and watch some of the best rugby players in the world in action.

Irish Hurling

5) Watch other Irish Sports

Rugby isn’t all the sporting action Dublin has to offer. There is also hurling and Gaelic football to mention two others. Hurling is listed in the Guinness Book of Records (another great Irish institution) as the fastest field sport, whereas Gaelic football is a combination between football and rugby that seemingly includes the most dangerous features of both.

Walking tour of Dublin

6) Go on a walking tour

Dublin is a city brimming with history and culture, and the best way to experience it all is probably through a walking tour. There are many different tours operating throughout the city each day, and each one will highlight a different feature of the city.

7) Leopardstown Races

Go to the races either to try your luck with a flutter on the horses or alternatively just to watch one of the great sporting traditions. If you are feeling it is your lucky day, there is good news: if you are retired or a student, you are eligable for a discount!

Grafton Street, Dublin

8) Shop on Grafton Street

Grafton Street is Dublin’s historic shopping centre and runs along to Trinity College. Recent legislation has marked it out as a site of architectural importance. This move has only helped to improve and secure the character and charm of the area.