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The Queen and Prince Philip in Ireland

Unless you have been living in a bubble, you can’t fail to notice that Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, and Prince Philip, have just finished a visit to Ireland. Much of the comment about their high profile visit has been reflecting upon the political significance of the event and, whilst it is true that the event is deeply politically symbolic, we at Irish Travel Gems are much more interested in the places she decided to go.

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8 things to do in Dublin

Originally founded by the Vikings and later captured by the Danes, Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and has much to offerto the curious traveller. Here is a suggestion of just 10 of those things.

Dublin's Guinness Factory

1) Go to Dublin’s Guinness factory

The Guinness factory is the historic homeplace of Ireland’s most famous drink. Guinness was invented by a Quaker in the 17th Century as a way of coming up with a drink that would help to solve some of Dublin’s alcoholism whilst at the same time remaining enjoyable. It definitely is true that Guinness doesn’t travel very well, and at Dublin’s Guinness factory you can enjoy the drink at its best.

Abbey Theatre Dublin

2) Go to Dublin’s Abbey Theatre

Brining you the best of both classical and modern plays both from Irish Playwrights and from further afield, the Abbey Theatre is Ireland’s National Theatre and is a great place to go to experience the best in modern Irish stage art.

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A picture of the coastline of Ireland

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